What is Breathwork?

It is estimated that 70% of people have some sort of breathing dysfunction (biomechanical, biochemical or psychophysiological).

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Trauma, stress, grief, physical issues and illnesses can all change our breathing habits.  The diaphragm, lungs and heart physically touch each other and hugely influence each other.  If we are chronically mouth breathing, breathing fast,  breathing deeply, holding our breath while we work,  regularly sighing,  feeling like we can’t catch our breath, breathless, snoring, sleeping badly, cold hands and feet, heart palpitations – all indicate a breathing disfunction.

The breathing disfunction then feeds back into the nervous system causing the nervous system to stay in overdrive.

From a functional and postural point of view, the diaphragm is always overlooked as a huge spinal support and stabiliser.  If it’s not used properly it can lead to back/torso pain

In our session we will discover the details of your unique breathing pattern and work together to calm the nervous system, improve CO2 chemosensitivity, improve the biomechanics which will improve health and energy.


I trained with Oxygen Advantage, Conscious breathing and FSM – all of which I highly recommend exploring for more information.

Session take 60-90 minutes and start at £120 for first session, £75 after but I offer discounts for low income and NHS of up to 50% off, please just ask.