Walking pattern and stance

Is your walking pattern (gait) causing your pain?

We walk 8000-10000 steps a day, many people up to 20000. Yet we don’t have walking classes or check ups despite us all being human and having asymmetry/injuries/stress load. Walking is something we want to be able to do with ease well into old age. We also need to walk

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You calf muscle is your second heart. It pumps the blood upwards in walking (gait), but if your ankles are stiff or feet are weak this is jepodised. Gait analysis can pinpoint and help teach the best exercises for this.

Calves are referred to as our second hearts. They are beautifully designed to help you walk but they are also vital venus pumps from the legs to the heart. Ankle mobility and strength are determine the quality of their function. In order for them to function effectively we need to

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