Walking (Gait) Analysis

In person or virtually.

This is a multi-movement assessment of your unique body’s specific gait and breath patterns.

You record several videos of your gait and 3 key movements (recorded from 2 angles so 8 videos in total).
I analyse them and return a simplfied analysis video and 3-4 corrective recommendations.

£125. Gait Analysis.

£75.  Follow ups.

What causes unhelpful walking patterns?

  • Old injuries / trauma
  • Hyper mobility / ‘flat’ feet
  • Working posture
  • Footwear
  • Bunions
  • Ingrowing toenails / verrucas
  • Movement habits
  • Childbirth/pregnancy.

If something is causing your body pain or discomfort your body will subconsciously change the way you move to reduce pain and this quickly becomes a habit.  And over time habits become your new ‘perceived normal’.

An example is sprained ankles – the body with shift away from that ankle and may never shift back so after 20 years of being more over one foot – you will get a whole load of pain show up as they body is working much harder than it should on the other side.

After 15 years of teaching yoga, I noticed people would walk out the class in their old pain inducing habits, even if their yoga was flawless.  So I trained with Gary Ward in AiM, with GaitHappens, MyFootfunction & Postural Restoration Institute.

What is AiM?

Anatomy in Motion by (Gary Ward) is a process of working out how all the bones of the body move together in gait and posture and if any are moving to much or too little it involves a way of re-education to get the human body to find its way back to centre.

Strengthening the big toe as it's extremely important in walking and runningA large part of your adaptation will be in your feet.  Even if the injury was in the jaw, it will feed down to your distribution in the feet as you walk and stand.

So ultimately the AiM system works with you to bring the body back to a neutral, centred, balanced place. When the body is balanced discomfort usually starts to fade away.

We do this by re-educating your body to move freely again using the full range of movements available to you without fear of pain.  That’s what makes it different from other therapies – it educates and empowers so the healing done by each person themselves.


What to expect from the first session?

I will go through your videos with you so you can see your movement from a different perspective and I will give you 3-6 movements to help rebalance.

Follow ups

Treatment will largely consist of learning movement patterns that re-teach your body how to move fluidly when walking. Wear sports clothing. All movement patterns are supported by video links so that they can be recapped from home, without having to remember every last detail by yourself.

Gary Ward’s Anatomy of Motion Flow Model & Foot work – first session £125, £75 after that, but I offer concessions for low income, just ask.


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