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“Top 3 best private yoga teachers.”
ES Magazine 2008

“Verity’s philosophy that one’s yoga practice should be different every day was a refreshing approach for me, and I was never bored at a session.”
Jaime Perlman, VOGUE Art Director

“Like all outstanding teachers, Verity is observant, attentive and patient. Without her insights, it is very difficult for one to understand how to improve and deepen once’s practise. She is also blessed with an excellent memory, so she can accurately gage how one evolves over long periods of time. Another crucial quality of a great teacher.”
Omar Al-Qattan, Filmmaker; Chair of AM Qattan Foundation & The Palestinian Museum.

“I went to see Verity after two years of on-and-off right side hip pain after my second pregnancy. My GP had referred me to a physio but after 3 months the exercises only seemed to exacerbate the pain.  Verity observed my posture and listened carefully to my description of the pain.  After only a couple of weeks of her exercises the pain was gone and has not returned 5 months later.  She has changed the way I walk, the way I lift and carry my children and my posture which means I can go running again, play sport and return to an active lifestyle.  I would recommend Verity’s consultancy to anyone with ongoing pain.  She is easy to communicate with and has a high level of expertise about anatomy and movement to draw from”
Carrie Sharman, Head of Psychology, Kensington Aldridge Academy 

“Prior to seeing Verity I was experiencing long standing back and hip pain which has eased considerably since visiting her. Verity helped me recognise how my past injuries were affecting my posture and vice versa. The exercises recommended also helped with my breathing, resulting in me using my inhaler less. As I recently started to take an interest in Yoga Verity gave very good advice on how to practise the postures without causing any pain. She also suggested additional poses adapted to my specific injuries. Verity’s knowledge and ability to identify and correct problems is very impressive. She combined this with a kind and patient manner and I have already started to recommend her to my friends.
Scott O’Hare 

“Verity is an inspiration.”
Georgia Dehn, The Telegraph

“I contacted Verity in early 2019. Despite having studied anatomy, working with Verity has greatly increased my understanding of the human body and especially my own, and how it works (and how it didn’t).
With Verity’s guidance my feet have come back to life. My toes do things I thought were impossible and my flat feet appear to be regaining an arch.  Verity has carefully studied my movements from top to toe and taught me a great deal. She has empowered me to make changes to improving my body and protect my joints.
The Years of experience Verity has of working with people and the human body are apparent and she is a very thoughtful, caring, thorough and knowledgeable practitioner whom I have recommended to many friends.
Annie Gulati, Nutritionalist 

“Verity has been employed by Queensgate Girls School 2009-2019.  She teaches yoga to girls from age 4-18 and has developed a positive rapport with all ages.  She is amiable and enthusiastic and leads by example.  I would not hesitate to recommend her”
Bridget Ward, Head of PE, Queensgate Girls School

“Verity’s yoga lessons are engaging, well thought out and fun so the class are absorbed and the children look forward to their weekly lessons”.
Rochelle Tilbury, Kew Green Prep School

“The de stress teachers yoga classes are wonderful.  They have been running for 6 years now and we are very happy with them”
R J Simmons, Junior Headteacher, St Benedict’s School

“Verity has a wonderful energy and is an incredible teacher. She is intuitive and very knowledgable and I would recommend her highly to anyone open to benefitting from improved posture and progress in their yoga practice”.
Laura Holmes, Laura Holmes Production

“Having had sleepless nights from constant back pain and sciatica for weeks, I tried many other therapies but it was only the weekly yoga sessions that eased the pain for the whole day. I am now almost back to normal, which I put completely down to the yoga, plus I am starting to understand what caused the pain so I know how to get out of it in the future.”
John Gainsbury, Gainsbury & Whiting

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say again how much I love your teaching. Each week I learn something new, such as last week that the bow pose should not cause back pain and should involve thigh effort, who knew??! I’ve done that pose in Bikram dozens of times and none of those instructors said a thing! You are a gem among teachers!”
Joni Rendon, Author; Novel Destinations, National Geographic, Writers between the covers.

“The lunchtime yoga sessions are so worthwhile, I feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. My afternoons are more productive and I look forward to it every week.  Verity is a great teacher, she is clear, encouraging and clearly very experienced.”
Catherine Orris, Designer at Dynamo Marketing

“When I met Verity 10 years ago I could hardly walk.  She is the best yoga teacher and one of the kindest people I know.   The wisdom and knowledge she taught me led me to understand the body mind connection and helped me to have strength, courage and to see life in a more positive perspective.  She brought calm to my life.  She is an inspiration”
Gina Khodari, Naturopath

“Breathe in, breathe out …such simple words that meant so much to me with asthma! I’ve practiced yoga with Verity for many years now and she doesn’t know how much she inspires me every day! Yoga with Verity is not only learning to practice some different positions – it is a beautiful and extraordinary travel, deep in your body and deep in your mind. Thanks to Verity I have understood the connection between my body and mind. At each lesson I’m surprised to see how the body reacts with my breathing and I always say to her ‘it’s amazing, look what I can do!’ It’s always a new discovery because Verity explains the potential of your body and breath and sometimes yoga with her has been a therapy for me. She is just the definition of serenity, peace, kindness and of course joy of life!”
Judith Benayoun, Chelsea

“The yoga classes have literally changed our lives!”
Jo McDermott, Grey Advertising

“Verity has been my yoga teacher for three years and I have had an amazing experience with her approach, interpersonal skills and professional dedication to personalised teaching. I have found her to be remarkable and faultless during and post session. I would highly recommend Verity to anyone.”
Naina Jatania, Kensington

“Your classes are the best I have been too. In your class I felt a certain release of energy that I had not felt with many other teachers over many years and I have always wanted to have more sessions with you”
Anca, Banker, Clapham

“You really are remarkable. Although I have been practising yoga for many years, I can tell the huge difference under your supervision. I feel like I have had a complete body massage and leave feeling high and happy.”
Amineh Mansoori, Fashon Buyer

“Thanks to the yoga and meditation classes the new job is not as overwhelming as expected.  I will never thank you enough for all the insights, you literally changed my life.”
A. Sentissi, Scotiabank

“I was really pleased with the yoga workshop.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, especially as many of them have not experienced yoga before.”
Lorna Green, Friern Barnet School

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Yoga terrace

One of my yoga retreats in Turkey 2011

Yoga in the sun

Retreat participants hanging out in yoga poses 🙂

Yoga position

Restorative partner yoga during yoga retreat Morocco 2009

Yoga terrace with mats

Yoga Retreat at Huzur Vadisi, Turkey 2011