Becoming aware of your breathing and walking pattern is more important than an hours yoga a week

Teaching yoga for so long, I saw the incredible transformations people made on the mat, but over time noticed that their walk or breathing mechanics didn’t change massively when they left the class.

I was no exception. I would always have right rib rotation restriction, left shoulder flexion restriction, hip extension restriction ……. No matter how much yoga I was doing. And yes I was avoiding poses which challenged these areas, but they felt blocked and inaccessible.

That’s when I realised I needed to deep dive on functional anatomy, daily movements, gait and breathing and I’m still diving.

It’s all in your daily life patterns – breath, walking, picking things up, sitting and standing, even how you walk down the stairs can be the cause of discomfort.

It’s all about awareness and once you adjust those frequent, repetitive patterns – change & relief is quick.

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