Hip extension is vital for good gait (walking). It’s worth getting some gait analysis to see if you are using this fantastic spring loaded design in your hips.

Hip extension… I often see people lack this in their gait.

They even may be able to do it passively in yoga poses but when it comes to synchronising it within their walking or running they have lost that control.

If you can’t access it, you will take it from over extending your knee joint or your back eventually causing pain.

The best way to find your way back?

– kneeling hip extension hold (camel pose without reaching back)

– AIM split stance drills

– PRI 90/90 drills

– standing deep breath work (tadasana) to synchronise deep core with extension.

– breath work when walking/running

– awareness

It very much depends on your individual pattern. There are many paths to the same outcome so it depends on finding the right path for you.

DM me for an assessment.

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