The many benefits of mouth taping at night so you breath through your nose

Colds, sniffles, hay fever, allergies, blocked noses?

Have your tried mouth taping?

It is helpful to find your way back to nasal breathing at night. (It will unblock your nose, the more you do this and its very cheap and easy).

The more we use our nose breath the more nitric oxide we draw into our lungs and our blood stream (antiviral, antibacterial, vasodilator). See previous posts on the science and studies behind this.

Other benefits:

– Reduces anxiety (as it tones vagal nerve and switches on para sympathetic nervous system)
– Improves oral health (reduces bacteria and fillings
– Improves diaphragmatic breathing (nasal breathing connects to a deeper breath)
– Increases tissue oxygenation (via nitric oxide & carbon dioxide increases)
– Warms and filters the air
– Opens the airways and blood vessels (due to nitric oxide)
– Improves jaw development for growing kids
– Deeper sleep
– Improves CO2 levels
– Reduced back pain (because increases diaphragmatic breathing and/or breathing awareness
– Reduces allergies

If you have been a mouth breather for years it is worth getting bit of training on this before you jump straight in so give me a call.

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