Women – do you feel more breathless/anxious before your period? I explain why and how to change it.

The hormone progesterone sky rockets before menstruation.

Progesterone is well know to increases breathing rate. If you are already breathing a bit too fast, due to anxiety or bad breathing habits this will push you into hyperventilation, which is why studies show women’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels drop 25% at this time. The CO2 levels need to be level to keep the body healthy and if we are breathing too much, we actually breath out too much carbon dioxide (but studies show Oxygen levels stay the same).

Low CO2 levels can cause:

Shortness of breath
Rapid heart rate
Heart palpitations
Increase pain
Cramps /Spasms….

Hold on, they are all PMT symptoms.

Check your breathing rate.  If its more than 12-14 breaths a minute then chances are this will increase before your flow and then check it again before your flow and if you find it at 20 -24 breaths a minute, this is hyperventilation and it will cause all the symptoms above.

I can help you learn tricks to stop the hyperventilating and reduce PMT symptoms.

Its all about breathing slower and less and with your diaphragm. Ideally 5 breaths a minute as an active meditation before bed, reduce the volume of air you breath in and breath into the whole diaphragm.

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