Gait analysis is a great way to reduce pain and injury.

After 1 session and 3 weeks of dedication to functional training, the persistent and chronic knee pain is improving and the gait improvements are visible.

1. Pelvic alignment has shifted back to neutral from a biased anterior tilt. Her obliques are more supportive and her core area visibly looks different.
The spine looks longer.
Hip extension has improved.

2. Femoral internal rotation (thigh rolling in) has reduced as external rotators get stronger with hip extension.
This reduces the external rotation in her knees, which was an element of the pain.

3. Stance leg is also less internally rotated with more neutral pelvis.


First session I like to work in the Sagittal plane so we focussed on hamstrings and lower glutes and obliques in and TA with the breath to find that pelvic stability in propulsion.

We also worked on the awareness of the femoral alignment, on weight balance in daily life, on her foot pressures, knee pressures and breath.

Interestingly, her overall strength and function was very good, but there was an old neurological pattern from childhood.

Plenty more exploration to be done.

The body is incredible at adapting.

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