How nasal breathing can improve your sex life.

Imagine you’ve been snoring, wide open dry mouth, drooling all night.

Now imagine you’ve been sleeping quietly, mouth shut.

Which one feels sexier? ????

It’s a chemical thing (among other factors).

Nitric Oxide (NO) is made in the nasal cavities.
It’s a vasodilator, antiviral/antibacterial and helps cellular communication.

NO was only discovered in the 1980’s so we are still understanding it’s many benefits but one is viagra.  It’s the main ingredient

as its a vasodilator (which means it dilates the blood vessels, which is how erectile tissue expands).

Studies show that nasal breathing increases Nitric Oxide in the body by at least 10% so it improves this function.

Did you know that you also have erectile tissue in your nose, which is what actually happens when you feel ‘stuffy’, it’s often the tissue expanding, not just mucus clogging it up.

The nasal cavities functions are only recently being understood and we have way more to learn.  But we do know for SURE that nasal breathing during the day and night has way more benefits that we every realised.

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