None of us are perfectly symmetrical. So it helps to know your imbalances so you can work on them in your exercise program

This is a human cadaver slice.

Can you see how the asymmetry between the right and left lung is distinct. The liver plays a part in that by pushing the right lung up and the heart pushed the left lung to the side so the balance themselves out mostly.

But life is full of knocks and breaks and traumas and all of these can shift us more out of balance and we often need a little help finding our way back.

Evolution is wonderful at adjusting to a new normal, but this backfires when the new normal is detrimental and it takes the body’s communication of pain to force us to listen and re-calibrate.

Guided specific movements/breathing and awareness and strengthening is all it needs and it’s never too late but it does often need a skilled practitioner to help you notice the imbalances and get them back into balance.

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