Is your foot wear damaging your feet and effecting your walking pattern (gait) and breathing?

Bunion, foot pain, toe pain

Having spent years learning biomechanics, the amount of awe I have for the design of the feet, this to me is a form of self abuse.

We balk in horror at the pictures of Chinese foot binding, but this is still a milder version of it.

The toes, particularly the big toe, which is crucial in walking, takes a huge amount of force and weight in walking/dancing/running and connected to your neck, is bent and twisted out of shape, squeezing, binding your toe bones and the many muscles and tendons, preventing them from functioning. Meaning other muscles will take over (back, neck, thighs, hip flexors).

You can’t dance freely in these, you definitely can’t run in these, your energy is sapped by the compensation patterns to help you walk. Wouldn’t it be better to use that energy for something else?

I hope the next generation will recognise this as self abuse and I think many of them already do.

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