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Women need different breath work to men due to the shape of their lower back vertebrae and this will help their walking pattern (gait).

By 29th June 2022No Comments

I find this stunning – evolutionary wonder.

Women’s L3 (a lower back vertebrae) is a wedge shape, when men’s are not.

Designed for pregnancy weight. As the baby weight shifts the center of mass forward this causes a lot of shear on the back muscles so to help it allows a larger lower back curve, which also leads to upper back moving back, which balances the weight more efficiently under gravity.

However, I see many women ‘stuck’ in this posture. Post pregnancy or even without pregnancy. I include myself in this, despite much ‘western yoga’. (Another conversation I’m working up to).

The wedge shape pre-disposes us to certain postures and breathing.

Awareness and specific breath work is enough.

Abdominal workouts can help a bit, but for sustainable spinal health, pelvic floor and diaphragm health and lung capacity, it needs to be trained with breath work.