Improve your shoulder blade movement: improve your breathing

I want to do a shout out to the scapular (shoulder blade).

It’s enormous, takes up a HUGE part of your back, is connected to everything and vital for good locomotion and yet it’s pretty much always ignored.

In 20 years of working with people, they bring up lower back, neck, glutes, hamstrings….

No one has ever said, ‘I’d like to work on my scapular glide’!

Scapulars should glide over the ribs. They have SO much movement ability. The are KEY to shoulder, neck, jaw, locomotion well-being.  But most importantly they really, really can impact your breathing.

Why do we ignore them?

If your ribs are in a habitual pattern of right rotation and right flexion then your right shoulder blade will be winged, and restricted in certain movements and your left will probably be higher and protracted more….. which will affect how you can breath into your right side, which will increase the imbalance over time..

Take some deeper breaths. Can you feel them moving equally?  Can you feel your breathing equal in both  lungs?

If not get doing some scapula moves!

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