Your foot tripod is your base of support.

The foot is an incredible structure.

It’s designed to bear equal weight in the base of the big toe, base of baby toe and heel. (And big toe as a quadrapod).

Check out your old shoes/insoles/socks to see where you balance most of your weight as the wear and tear will show you.

If you wear down the baby toe area but not big toe, play around with what it’s like to distribute the weight to the big toe as well.

If you wear down the inside only, play around with baby toe strength.

If you wear down one foot more than the other, play around with taking your weight into the other side when standing to see how it changes things.

It’s amazing what can ease or change when you become aware of this because a solid wide foot tripod improves the whole body’s function.

DM me for a foot mobility MOT online or in person so you know what you need to work on.

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