Effects on nasal breathing on your sex life

How nasal breathing can improve your sex life.

Imagine you’ve been snoring, wide open dry mouth, drooling all night. Now imagine you’ve been sleeping quietly, mouth shut. Which one feels sexier? ???? It’s a chemical thing (among other factors). Nitric Oxide (NO) is made in the nasal cavities. It’s a vasodilator, antiviral/antibacterial and helps cellular communication. NO was

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Gait analysis is a great way to reduce pain and injury.

After 1 session and 3 weeks of dedication to functional training, the persistent and chronic knee pain is improving and the gait improvements are visible. 1. Pelvic alignment has shifted back to neutral from a biased anterior tilt. Her obliques are more supportive and her core area visibly looks different.

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Foot tripod illustration

Your foot tripod is your base of support.

The foot is an incredible structure. It’s designed to bear equal weight in the base of the big toe, base of baby toe and heel. (And big toe as a quadrapod). Check out your old shoes/insoles/socks to see where you balance most of your weight as the wear and tear

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The Importance of Toe Mobility and Strength

We have toes for a reason. Out toes are designed to be strong and mobile. Babies toes can grip around a finger. Each toe plays a part in your stability. We need the big toe to be straight and strong to be able to push into the ground to propel

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